Welcome to Amazing Wikis!

Amazing Wikis is a nonprofit organization that hosts wiki communities, using the best cost efficient environment, for free (no strings attached). This nonprofit organization is set up for fun, allows for customization freedom & liberty, and to allow escape from other less desirable wikifarms. Amazing Wikis staff are respectful, specially trained, and experienced in hosting wikis & communities. We foster a friendly and truly welcoming environment to allow the creation & growth of enjoyable wiki communities, those that become a problem or intend to become disruptive will be quickly removed. Amazing Wikis hopes to create meaningful alliances with as many appropriate independent community led wikis as possible without regard as to topic or language. Please join our discord server to request a user account. Please visit our home hub for any assistance.

Our Principles
  • Wiki community customization, navigation, and layout should be appealing to visitors and editors
  • Wiki communities should be able to peacefully coexist with the creators, be respectful
  • Amazing Wikis staff views each hosted wiki as part of the relevant fan community and each fan community should be shown the respect it deserves.
  • Wiki communities should be run for the fans by people who always think about how to enhance the enjoyment of the overall community
  • Wiki communities should strive to create meaningful alliances between Amazing Wikis hosted wikis, other independent wikis, or existing alliances
  • Wiki community members pledge to not cause reputation damage/harm to any Amazing Wikis hosted wiki or to allied wikis

  • Hosted Wikis

    Below are all of the wikis that Amazing Wikis provides hosting for, please check them out!

    Home Wiki
    Mesozoic Island
    Technical Library for wiki Scripts & Gadgets